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How Does a Cell Phone GPS Tracking App Work Exactly?

Perhaps you have heard about the ability of spyware for cell phones to track the exact location of the target phone through GPS technology. But what exactly is GPS and how does it work?

Before the Global Positioning System (GPS) was deployed in most mobile devices, there was hardly any way the location of cell phones can be tracked. Also, only government agencies and law enforcement authority would engage in such kind of monitoring. Things have changed so much, though, because now, there are so many cell phone spyware and apps in the market to choose from, and virtually anybody can monitor another person’s mobile phone.

How Does GPS Work?

All GPS satellites go around the Earth twice a day, during which it transmits signal information to the planet. When the information from the available satellites is received, the exact location of the GPS receiver is then calculated. This is possible by comparing the time the signal is sent by the satellite to the time it is received. This gives the distance between the satellite and the receiver. Through this calculation, the GPS receiver can determine the position of the transmitter of signal with a high level of  accuracy.

How Does a Cell Phone GPS Work?

It is common for modern smartphones to have a built-in GPS receiver. It is through calculating the difference in the transmission time and the receipt of the GPS signal that the mobile phone’s distance to the satellite is determined.

Modern cell phones are also made to know where their exact location is. This makes it much easier to track mobile phones. When a tracking app is installed on a mobile device, the GPS only has to communicate such location to the app or software. The transmission of such data depends on the model of the smartphone. The location of a device can be transmitted through SMS text, WiFi, or even data connection over wireless signal.

How to Track a Phone

As mentioned earlier, there are several tracking apps in the market that will allow you to know where another phone is located exactly. It is very important, however, that you be aware of the laws in your country or state to make sure you’re not breaking any of them should you decide to track another person’s cell phone.

Highster Mobile tracking app is one of the most popular software for mobile phone tracking this days. It comes with a powerful GPS tracking feature, so you won’t find it difficult to know the exact location of the target phone in real-time. Keep in mind that before you install this software on your child’s or employees’ phones, you should know when it is and it is not legal to spy on someone’s mobile phone.

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