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Tracking Cyberbullies With Spy Mobile Apps

Spy mobile apps exist not only for those with investigative purposes but for parents in particular, who are so alarmed by the recently growing issue of online harassment or popularly known as cyberbullying. As children are well-provided of mobile phones for easy communication especially in times of emergency, they too have been prone to online activities, […]

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So, it’s “Midwinter Recess” for many schools across the country. Thousands of kids are enjoying yet another week off from their studies. But what exactly are they doing? Where are they going? Who’s looking after them? Can they be trusted? And should you have installed a telephone spy app on your kids’ phones?     […]

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Keep Your Kids Safe, Be An Android Spy

The Android Spy, sounds like a movie, right? In movies, however, some plots center on families and the threat of different factors that may disrupt their lives. Unfortunately, this can happen in real life. In fact, it is already happening. Crimes against unsuspecting children are happening more and more every day. With the advancement in […]

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How to Rid Your Windows 10 of Unwanted Files

This is where DDI spyware is convenient. Choosing the files one by one may be quite hard particularly when nearly all of the files appear to be significant. As the electronic consumer products are utilized nearly daily, their storage is typically short-lived. When this occurs there are easy methods that one can clear the storage […]

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Tis the Season for Credit Card Fraud

Credit card theft and fraud occur all year long, but it increases exponentially around the holidays. That’s why experts agree that you should pay with cash as much as possible. Everyone knows that most credit cards are protected against credit threat. But the hassle that comes from having to cancel a stolen card and wait for […]

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