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New iPhone 7 Glitch Locks You Out

No doubt, you’ve heard all about Apple’s iPhone 7 and how spectacular it is. How sleek and beautiful it looks. How powerful the processor is. And how many great features each one offers. But have you heard about one feature that’s not so great? Well, it’s not really a feature, so much as a glitch. […]

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Don’t Go Swimming With Your New iPhone 7!

Apple’s new iPhone 7 has a bunch of new changes to the beloved iPhone, and one thing that has gotten people excited is the new “water-resistant” feature we have all been waiting for.  Wouldn’t it be a dream to swim with the fishes and show off your underwater photography skills all over Instagram?! Don’t jump […]

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The Most Popular Apps Of 2016

In August, Survery Monkey released a graph listing the top downloaded and top used apps for the first half of 2016. Can you guess who made the cut? Of course, big names such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are in the top 10, but some of the others might surprise you.   Here is the […]

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The New iOS 10 Emojis Are EVERYTHING!

If you’re like me, you get overly excited when you see that little red circle in the corner of your settings app because that means some cool new features are sure to be headed our way.  We all love our iOS updates for their bug fixes and new app features, but let’s be honest, the real […]

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apple watch 2

Apple Watch 2 Has Been Unveiled

And, now the Apple Watch 2 has been unveiled! New features include an advanced fitness tracker and of course an app to remind you to stand up and “breath,” (just in case you forget.) Oh, wait– it gets better! The splash-proof watch is now swim-proof! The Apple Watch 2 is waterproof up 50 meters, which […]

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