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Signs Your Loved One Might Become An Election Day Terrorist

Election Day is almost upon us in the United States and many are concerned by threats of a possible terrorist attack. Last week, the U.S. government warned that terror group Al-Qaeda has threatened to disrupt voting in major cities across the nation. While no specific targets have been mentioned by the terror group, authorities believe that […]

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You Won’t Believe What I Found Using This Cell Phone Spy App

Did it ever occur to you the possibility of investigating with the use of spy on cell phone apps? I am talking about a cheaper yet effective alternative instead of the usual pricey and time-consuming investigating as it doesn’t require hiring an investigator. This do-it-yourself medium is the easiest to operate given the availability of […]

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Mobile Phone Spy Software and Modern Day Stalking

It is a question of “why does mobile phone spy software usage connote to modern day stalking?” In today’s time where technological modernization is at its most influential, nothing seems impossible. Take the existence of these spywares as a vivid example wherein one can virtually “stalk” another with a mere successful software purchase and installation. […]

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