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The Most Popular Apps Of 2016

  In August, SurveryMonkey released a graph listing the top downloaded and top used apps for the first half of 2016. Can you guess who made the cut? Of course, big names such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are in the top 10, but some of the others might surprise you.     Here is […]

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Mobile Spy World

Mobile Spy Apps – Everything You Need to Know

Our worlds have been drastically changed in the last few decades. Advancements in technology have altered literally everything that influences our daily lives. Its influence is not just restricted to our practical day-to-day lives but it has also altered our perceptions, beliefs, values, and norms. One of the best examples of our changing perception is […]

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I Saved My Business With An iPhone Monitoring App

I own a produce distributing company and keeping track of my employees is very important. Little did I know an iPhone monitoring app would save my company. I’ve gone through the unfortunate circumstance in which my employees took advantage of my kindness and didn’t complete their daily routes before the end of their work day. This was […]

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