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Can Free Cell Phone Spy Help End Harassing Phone Calls?

Harassing and obscene phone calls are among the most frightening and stressful invasions of privacy you and your loved one could ever experience, which is another valid reason for parents to install an iPhone tracker app on their teen’s phones. Even unwanted calls can be a major inconvenience although they are a minor problem in comparison to threatening phone calls. The good thing is that there are things you can do to stop these types of intrusions to your life and privacy.

What makes a call harassing?

When you receive a call from someone who uses threatening or obscene language, or if the person on the other line keeps silent so they can intimidate you, this is a harassing call. In almost all states in the US, it is against the law to make threatening and harassing phone calls.

Does this type of call have to happen frequently for it to be considered a form of harassment?

Even a single unwelcome call can be considered harassment. However, in most cases, phone companies tend to take action when you report frequent calls and not just one. But still, if such a phone call threatens you or anyone in your family, this is a valid reason for the phone company to take action immediately.

What can be done to stop unwelcome calls without reporting to the phone company?

When an unknown number is trying to reach you on your cell phone, prepare yourself. Listen carefully to the person on the other line. If it turns out to be a prank caller, just hang up and avoid engaging in a conversation with him or her. Remember that they only want you to be angry or scared, so you shouldn’t give them this satisfaction.

You can install a free cell phone spy app on your child’s phone so you can easily monitor if your child is also being bothered by prank callers. It’s important that you educate your child about what they should do in case they receive a call from strangers unknown numbers.

What steps can be taken to prevent this type of harassment?

First of all, you shouldn’t disclose any personal information when you are asked on the phone by a person you don’t know. Take note that thieves use this strategy to know the address of their victims. You may also unlist your number in the phone directory, if you have a landline phone. Remember that you should teach your children about how they should deal with unknown callers. The good thing about using software to spy on iPhone is that it lets you know the activities taking place on your child’s phone, including text messages and phone calls. This way, you can know if your child is receiving harassing calls or not.

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