BREAKING NEWS: Butt-Looking Peach Emoji Is Back And Better Than Ever!

A couple of weeks ago, Apple released the very first iOS beta for iOS 10.2. With it, came dozens of new and redesigned emojis.


A lot of us feel there can never be too many emojis. “Keep ’em coming!” we say. However, there can be a point when things are taken too far. And when the infamous peach was redesigned to look like a literal peach, well many of us felt that Apple officially crossed the line!


The peach emoji has often been used to represent a butt. So when Apple had the audacity to refine it, people went crazy! But no need to worry, the old butt-like peach is back—and it’s now better than ever!

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When life gives you peaches….

Emojis have become a universal visual language. People all over the world use them to express emotion within their messages. And, as silly as it sounds, I want to be able to express myself with peaches! That’s the world I want to live.


Just a few days ago Apple released iOS 10.2 beta, but for now, it’s only available for developers and the public beta testers. The final version is expected to release within the next few weeks. What should we expect? A new and improved butt-looking emoji and an array of new emojis! Life. Is. Good.


Some of the new emojis include a variety of new professions for both men and women. The options include: a teacher, astronaut, welder, coder, business worker, farmer, scientist, chef, student, mechanic, doctor/health worker, and more.



Emojis through the eyes of a child.

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Have a Booty-ful day, ya’ll! 🍑

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