Auto Forward: The Mobile Spy Software to Monitor Your Children

Auto Forward iPhone spy

THE GOOD – Great for beginners! Easy to use. iPhone Spy No Jailbreak Needed is among the best I’ve used and does not require access to the phone. 800 number with LIVE people to answer questions and assist you if you run into problems.

THE BAD – If you don’t care about Geo-fencing or stuff like that you won’t be missing anything.

THE BOTTOM LINE – Best of all, you’ll save time, save money, and get immediate results. Excellent for the average person looking to do some “surveillance” work.

If you have a child, you know how hard it can be to keep track of their phone activities. With mobile spy software, you can monitor how long your child has been on their phone and where they are. You can see if they’re looking up sites to do their homework or if they’ve been playing that ridiculous candy game on their phone all day. If you have a kid that spends hours playing games, but spends only about 5 minutes on his 3 page history essay you might want to look into purchasing Auto Forward.



Why is Auto Forward such a Great Mobile Spy Solution?

I can assure you Auto Forward is the best mobile spy software available for dealing with children like this. It is such a great tool because it gives you the ability to know ALL of your kid’s phone activities. There are so many features that will really benefit parents.

The Features Great For Monitoring Children Include:

  • View Text Messages. View logs of all text messages including messages that have been sent, received and deleted. Auto Forward allows you to see every person they text with the time and date. This way, you’ll be able to see who they’re texting and make sure they aren’t in danger. Mobile spy apps
  • Monitor & Track Phone Calls. You can view the number that called or was called, the time it occurred, and the length of that call. Although kids hardly call anybody anymore, they might call someone they don’t want you to see they’re texting.
  • GPS Location. You have the ability to know where the target phone is. Updating every 5 minutes, you’ll get the locations in real-time. You can see if they’re really at the pizza place or their friend’s house down the block.
  • Track Emails. Track and view all emails including who they’re sent to and what they said, even if they’ve been deleted. Emails have fallen to the wayside for children nowadays, but one thing they always need an email for is signing up for website accounts.
  • View All Photos and Videos. You can see every picture and video taken on their phone. Between selfies, the sunset photos that will inevitably end up on Instagram, and silly pictures of friends, kids take so many pictures throughout the day.
  • Stealth camera. In addition to being able to see all pictures they take on their phone, you can send a blank text to the phone and take a picture of their surroundings. Using this feature with the GPS feature is useful, considering you can make sure the phone is at the location the GPS says it is at by taking a picture with the Stealth Camera.
  • View & Track Browsing History. Just like monitoring the emails, you can use the browsing history to monitor what websites your child visits. The browser history allows you to see every website they visited, with the time and duration they were on each site.
  • Social Media Monitoring. This is the big one with teens today. Between Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, this is where most teens spend a lot of their time today. With Auto Forward’s mobile spy software you can see all activity on social media sites.
  • Lock Target Phone. Finally, the most useful feature in my opinion, is the locking feature. If you see any unwanted activity on the target phone, you can lock the phone and immediately bar the person from continuing any of those actions.

All of these features can be seen on our Control Panel, which is as easy to use as possible, even for non tech-savvy adults like me. Every text, call, email, social media post, website, and more will be extracted and then shown on the control panel. See, mobile spy software is as easy as can be with Auto Forward.



How It Works

There are three basic steps to using this app:

  1. Download – Use the OTA (over-the-air) link to download the app.
  2. Activate – Enter the license you get from Auto Forward to activate.
  3. Monitor – From your cell phone, tablet or computer view texts, calls, GPS and all available information from the target phone.

After the app was downloaded it pulled out text messages, calls, GPS, photos, videos and pretty much everything else that was in there and uploaded it to the Auto Forward secure servers. From there all I had to do was login to my account using the username and password they sent me and I was able to see all messages and data from the phone. I used my cell phone to log into my account but, you can log in using any mobile device or computer. Fantastic!

View the video below to see the in’s and out’s of Auto Forward.

 Auto Forward Reporting

Auto Forward provides simple reports that are easy for the user to understand. Below are two snapshots of a Text Message and GPS Tracking Report.

Text Message Listing:

auto forward review

GPS Location History:

auto forward review

Supported Phones & Systems

  • Android: Works with all Android devices in all countries including those made by; Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei, Motorola, Sanyo, StraightTalk, TracFone and more! Works with all cell phone service providers.
  • Android Systems: All current systems are supported.
  • Apple: Works with iPhone 8, 7, 7 plus, 6, 6 Plus, 5, 5s, 5c and 4s. Works with all iPads.
  • iOS Systems: All iOS versions are supported
  • Works with all cell phone service providers.

Summary of Auto Forward Review

For the average person looking to keep tabs on their children, employees or whomever, Auto Forward will get the job done. Its quick installation combined with its superior functionality and reporting interface make it a great investment. Not to mention that only have to buy it once and you can use it forever! Who can argue with that? Excellent choice in my opinion. 5 stars!

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