Auto Forward Review

Spy on an iPhone with Auto Forward

The iPhone is an incredibly difficult product to spy on because of Apple’s strict security measures, but the Auto Forward iPhone spy app can do it with ease! To find out how it works, take a look at my review video and decide for yourself if Auto Forward is the right spy app for you.


THE GOOD—Auto Forward works perfectly on iPhones and iPads! There’s no jailbreaking needed and the phone does NOT have to be in your possession.

THE BADAuto Forward doesn’t include Geo-Fencing, Viber and BBM.

THE BOTTOM LINEAuto Forward is super easy to use and extremely affordable. It’s a great spy app for the amateur detective who wants to keep a close eye on someone’s digital life.




In a world where everything is instantaneous, anything can happen, and at any time. That’s why you need Auto Forward to spy on an iPhone.

Auto Forward is one of the highest rated iPhone spy programs in the world—used by thousands of parents, employers and spouses who want to keep an eye on those in their care. It allows anyone to spy on an iPhone from anywhere and at anytime.

What Auto Forward Can Do For You.

Auto Forward gives you instant access to the target phone’s dashboard. From there, you can see everything that is happening on that device in real-time. View every text, SMS message, email, call, picture, video and social media post—even if they’ve been deleted! You can also activate the microphone to listen in on the targeted phone’s surroundings and take pictures with its camera to see what’s going on.



Who’s Using Auto Forward and Why?

Parents—Moms and dads use Auto Forward to keep a watchful eye over their kids. It’s an integral aide in making sure their loved ones are safe when out of sight. With Auto Forward, a parent can see what sites their kids are visiting, who they are chatting with and what pictures and videos they are sending and receiving. It helps them protect their children from all kinds of cyber baddies like pedophiles, stalkers, trolls, bullies, and more.

Employers—Business owners, bosses and managers use Auto Forward to monitor the iPhone devices they’ve entrusted to their employees in order to get their job done. It is a great tool for making sure that their workers are actually working and not wasting company time and money surfing the net, WiFighting on social media, sexting underage girls or conducting other inappropriate activities.

iPhone and iPad Friendly.

Auto Forward is so versatile that it works on all iPhones and iPads. So whether you’re a fanboy of Apple’s or a hater, you’ll still be able to monitor their products. Installing an iPhone spy app is easier than ever.


Auto Forward’s features in a nutshell:

  • Emails—View every single email sent and received.
  • Text messages—Get an exact copy of every message that the targeted device sends and receives (even the deleted ones).
  • Social Media—See everything that transpires on SnapChat, BBM, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Instagram, and more.
  • Web browser—Browse every website the targeted user visits.
  • Profanity Alerts—Monitor inappropriate language with alerts delivered to your device.
  • iMessages—View every iMessage (even the deleted ones) that was sent and received.
  • Calls—See every phone number the monitored phone dialed and received as well as the duration of each call.
  • Call recording—Record every call that comes in on that cell phone.
  • Remote locking—If the device gets lost or stolen, you can lock it remotely.
  • Stealth camera—Snap a picture remotely with the target phone’s camera and view it on your device.
  • Stealth Microphone—Activate the targeted cell’s microphone to listen in on their environment.
  • GPS Locator—Pinpoint the targeted device in real-time to within 50 feet of its location.
  • Photos—See every picture taken, sent or deleted.
  • Videos—Watch every single video the user has on their device.
  • Remote uninstall—Send a simple SMS to the phone in order to uninstall the app.
  • Installed apps—Check ever app installed on the targeted device.
  • Running apps—See which apps are being used from afar.

Why Choose Auto Forward?

Reliable, affordable and 100% discrete, Auto Forward is a great tool for keeping tabs on whoever you need to. It also comes with a 30-day, money-back guarantee, and free lifetime upgrades. Spy on an iPhone anytime!