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Digital Media And Its Affect On Your Family

Are your kids having trouble focusing in school lately? Are you experiencing extra stress, eye-strain, drowsiness or irritability? Do you find that your family isn’t communicating the way that they used to? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the answer is probably right under your nose—almost literally—and actually in your hands. […]

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cell phone monitoring

Why Cell Phone Monitoring Is Actually Considered Legal

Many people question whether it is legal to use cell phone spyware download monitoring programs.  While there are rules and regulations on obtaining personal information about others, using this software is legal in various situations.  There is confusion about this since there are companies providing the product but with misleading advertisements. Some feel you shouldn’t […]

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mobile view now review

Mobile View Now Review

I hate being ripped-off, don’t you? It’s the worst feeling in the world! Don’t companies know that in this day and age, word of mouth is everything? People share reviews and swap stories about the good and bad experiences they’ve had with products, and then share those opinions on social media. Word of mouth is […]

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