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Future of Tracking Software: Microchipping Employees?

Many employers are jumping on the bandwagon of using tracking software to keep tabs on company provided devices. Knowing our society, ways to monitor employees in the workplace will evolve and become more technologically advanced. Recently, a Wisconsin vending company decided to test out microchipping employees who volunteered. Here’s everything you need to know about […]

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The Best Android and iPhone Spy App

Android and iPhone app spy text messages have been popular for a while now and its use is continuing to increase more than ever. And you may wonder why this is so. Here are some of the reasons why many people have been using spy apps. Uses of Spy Apps Software Parents, being one of […]

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Elevate your Parenting Ways with a Spyware Phone Tracker

The presence of a spyware cell phone tracker in today’s digital age is a welcome addition to your parenting ways. These tools will help you monitor your children through their mobile devices. And since almost every one, kids included, have their own cell phones, these spyware programs have become quite popular. Spyware for Parents Parents, especially […]

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Pornhub Offers Sex Ed To Its Visitors … For Real!

Top adult entertainment website, Pornhub, is now offering sex ed! That’s right, you heard me. Not just sex, but sexual education. Yes, the #1 site for viewing down and dirty smut is going from showing you how it’s done to how it’s done right. And they’re bringing a bunch of doctors, experts, psychologists, and others […]

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