apple iphone emergency sos spy

Apple’s Emergency SOS: iPhone’s Secret 911 and What Happens After it’s Dialed

Have you heard? Apple’s next update will have a way to secretly dial 911 from the iPhone and it’s called Emergency SOS.

According to the tech giant, if you need to contact the police or an ambulance in an emergency, just press the power button five times in a row. It will also alert an emergency contact designated by you. Once they’ve been alerted, the phone will send your current location in order for them to find you.

apple iphone emergency sos spy

This free feature, of course, sounds very promising. And it could save a lot of lives. However, like free cell phone spy apps, it could also open up a big can of worms.

The negatives of Apple’s Emergency SOS.

Many phones have accidentally placed calls and left messages before. Some from jackets, others from pocket books, a few from book bags, and far too many from back pockets. Think about how many times you accidently butt-dialed someone. Funny, right? Well, it won’t be so funny the day you accidently dial 911 and cause emergency services to be diverted from a real situation. Nor will the unwanted charges that follow.

The positives of Apple’s Emergency SOS.

But let’s say you really needed to call for help. The new Emergency SOS feature will surely come in handy. If you’re being mugged, harassed, or are in a situation where you have to dial 911 discretely, this is the way to do it. Or if you’re unable to speak or move properly, just tapping the home button 5 times is much easier than dialing.

apple iphone emergency sos spy

So what happens after 911? What if it all went South? What if the emergency contact and police get there and you’re nowhere to be found? What then? It could take days, weeks, or months to find out what happened to you. That’s a long time for a loved one to worry. That’s why many people today are doing something else in order to keep an eye on their loved ones.

Another way to protect your family.

Many parents today hate to think, “what would I do if something happened to my baby?” That’s why thousands of mons and dads are installing mobile spy software on their kids’ phones.

Smartphone monitoring software gives parents a way to see who their children are communicating with on their digital devices. It allows them to know what is being said, read, sent, and received. Texts, calls, MMS messages, social media posts, photos and videos—all can be accessed from mom and dad’s phone from anywhere. If their child doesn’t respond to them when they call or text, a parent can check their phone. They can see if their kids are just ignoring them by checking their real-time usage. They can then track them via the app’s GPS Locator. If all is okay, they no longer have to worry.

Apple’s new Emergency SOS can be a great thing. But like anything else, it’s not the only thing. Installing a good cell phone surveillance software program on your loved one’s phone is another great option, because let’s face it … you can never be too safe.

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