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6 Signs That Your Kid Needs To Digitally Detox: Monitor Them With An iPhone Spy App

People today practically live on their devices—both adults and kids. They work, play, and socialize all day long … and well into the night—which isn’t good.

Think about how much time you spend on your iPhone, iPad, and/or Mac. Does it feel like a healthy amount? If it does, you may be fooling yourself. That’s why it’s important to step back and assess your usage realistically. And it’s even more important that you do so for your kids. Now, that may be a difficult thing to do if you and your kids aren’t always together. But don’t worry. A top spy app can help.

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What the experts say about screen time.

It may be okay for you, as a parent, to be spending an inordinate amount of time on digital devices, but it’s really not for your kids. While the Internet and social media have become an ever increasingly important aspect to their lives, it can also be a detriment. Excessive use of digital devices and media lead to poor sleeping habits, A.D.H.D., depression, weight gain, and stress.

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The American Academy of Pediatrics recently updated their guidelines for digital media exposure. Realizing that certain age groups utilize the Internet for different reasons, their recommendations vary for each. However, they strongly feel that all kids should limit their time online.

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6 signs your kid needs a digital detox.

Adding/expanding to the negative effects above, here are 6 signs that prove that your child needs to take a break from his or her digital life:

  1. HEADACHES: Staring at a screen for hours on end can cause frequent headaches for anyone.
  2. DIGITAL DEMENTIA: Continuous scrolling with intense focus for one thing such as Likes or keywords alters the brain and can cause short-term memory loss.
  3. BLURRY VISION: As with headaches, the constant focusing on a screen can dry out eyes and harm a child’s short-term and long-term eyesight.
  4. CONSTANTLY ONLINE: Kids who use their device as a go-to activity in place of social interaction or physical activity can develop emotional problems as well as physical ones.
  5. PANIC ATTACKS: A dead battery, loss of Wi-Fi, or a forgotten phone causes them to freak out, which is an unhealthy way to live.
  6. OBLIVIOUSNESS: The distractive and all-consuming nature of digital devices causes kids to ignore their physical surroundings (traffic, lamp posts, holes, other people).
  7. SHRINKAGE: Cell phones, tablets, and computers cause kids to lean forward. To hunch. This causes poor posture and neck and back pain. Ultimately, they appear smaller.

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How an iPhone spy app can help.

If you think it’s time for your kids to take a break from their cell phones and tablets, you may need help. A high-quality mobile spy app like Auto-Forward iPhone spy can let you monitor your children when they are out of sight.

There are many spy apps for iPhone available, but none are as reliable as Auto Forward. It’s the top spy app for parents all over the world. Auto Forward give moms and dads total access to their kids’ emails, texts, SMS messages, pictures, videos, social media activity, and more. They use it to make sure their kids are safe online as well as in the real world. You can use it for those purposes as well as to make sure they are adhering to your plan for cutting back on device time.

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