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5 Recent Gun Deaths That Could Have Been Avoided With A Top Spy App

Guns. Love them or hate them, know that they are here and will, most likely, always be here. Depending on which side of the gun debate you’re on, that may make you glad. But the following incidents should give you pause.

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• On December 11th, 7-year-old Minnesotan Lynnaya Jean Jandro Espinosa was shot dead by her soon-to-be adoptive father in a murder-suicide.

• On December 9th, a toddler in Pensacola, Florida died after accidently shooting itself with a gun found in the home. The age and gender of the child have not yet been released.

• On December 4th, the 2-year-old stepdaughter of a Toledo, Ohio man accidentally shot herself with her stepfather’s 38-caliber gun.

• A 7-year-old girl in Salisbury, Ohio died in her bed from shots fired outside of her home. Her grandmother was also wounded. Police are still looking for the perpetrator(s).

• A 14-year-old Stanton, Pennsylvania boy shot both his sleeping mother and 8-year-old brother in the head with a 38-caliber handgun he found on the top of his refrigerator.

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They come from all races, creeds, and walks of life—these victims. Some died by their own hand, others from another’s. No matter what their story, anyone reading this can agree that they all died far too young and for no good reason.

If you are a parent, these stories probably hit harder. They may cause you to give your child an extra big hug or kiss tonight. They may also make you ponder the personal safety of your pride and joy. If that’s the case, then you should consider doing something else. Something that an ever increasing number of parents are doing today. They’re installing mobile monitoring software on their loved one’s cell phones.

Parents put phone tracking software on their kids’ phones to find out what types of people they are in contact with. They also do it to see what their kids are up to every day. While a top spy app may not have helped any of the above victims, it could save your kid’s life.

Knowing who has a gun in their home, what websites your teen is looking, or who may be harassing your child could all be revealed with a reliable spy app. Spying on text messages could prove that a bully or terrorist might come gunning for your loved one someday. Seeing pictures or social media posts where guns are in your child’s presence could help you save their lives too.

graph Protect your loved ones from gun violence with a top spy app.

Don’t wait for your loved one to become a news headline. Look into reliable mobile spy reviews for a quality app today.

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