2 Things Worth More Than $10 Million To Kim Kardashian

By now, you’ve all heard about how Kim Kardashian was robbed inside her hotel room in Paris. But if you haven’t, here’s what happened: several individuals dressed up as police officers toting guns and entered the No Address Hotel by overpowering the concierge. They made their way up to Kim’s room and gained entrance. Once there, they tied her up and put her in the bathtub. Kim begged for her life and told them that she had two babies at home—referring to her 3-year-old daughter North and 9-month-old son Saint. The robbers left her unharmed and got away with her ring and a jewelry box—all amounting to a whopping 10 million dollars!

Kim Kardashian robbed of $10 million dollars in jewelry

No matter your opinion of Kim Kardashian—even the most die-hard hater has to feel some tiny bit of compassion for the reality television star. Sure, she’s super rich. Yes, she’s famous. Yeah, she’s a huge attention hog. And as we all know, she’s married to that big mouth, Kanye West. But like she said to the robbers, she is a mother. And that has to count for something. Doesn’t it?

As a mother myself, I can only imagine the thoughts going through her head. “Will they kill me? Will they rape me? Will I ever get to see my children again?” The sheer terror of being robbed is enough to strike fear into anyone’s heart. To be tied up by several men dressed as cops and robbed? All the more horrifying. Thankfully all they took was her jewelry. Not her life.

Kim’s culprits still at large.

The case to find the culprits is still ongoing. Most recently, reports state that the hotel had no surveillance footage of the perpetrators—inside or outside—nor was there any from the surrounding businesses. That doesn’t bode well for investigators.

Kim Kardashian robbed of $10 million dollars in jewelry

E! News reported that a source told them of a suspicious person following Kim around the famed City of Light for days. Apparently, that individual was questioned by both security and paparazzi on several occasions and had a different story each time. Authorities say that that person of interest has not been seen since.

Of course, some are now speculating that it was an inside job. But only time will tell.

What else did the thieves steal?

In addition to the jewelry, it was reported that the thieves also stole a cell phone from the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star. Sources close to Kim say that she had no “compromising information” on her device. They also said that the phone was wiped remotely.

Protect yourself like Kim Kardashian.

So what exactly does that mean? Wiped remotely? Well, if you own an iPhone and it gets stolen, you can delete any and all information from it—no matter where you are. All that you have to do is go to iCloud, enter your Apple ID, and click the Find My iPhone prompt. From there, you simply click on the All Devices option and choose the one you want to erase.

That’s one of the ways that Kim protected her personal information from getting into the hands of others. Many people have done likewise. Another way that many iPhone users are protecting themselves in the digital world is by installing iPhone spy software on their devices.

Good iPhone spy apps allow users to access any information on a targeted iPhone. They can lock the device from afar and track it via GPS locator to within fifty feet. iPhone mobile monitoring software also comes with plenty of other benefits, such as being able to check a user’s social media activity, pictures, videos, emails, texts, and SMS messages.

Kim Kardashian robbed of $10 million dollars in jewelry

So far, it seems that Kim Kardashian was pretty lucky. She wasn’t murdered. Wasn’t raped. And she didn’t have anything important taken from her phone. But best of all, she gets to wake up and see her babies every day … which is worth way more than ten million dollars.

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