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Use Spy Phone in Correcting Children’s Misbehavior

Use spy phone application in dealing with your teens’ misbehavior. Teens may experience different negative emotions due to the factors in their house and society. There could be conflicts inside the house that cause misunderstandings and negative behavior. When they are with other teens they might feel something is lacking in their lives related to […]

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monitor-adult-children-with-cell-phone tracking-software

Why You Should Monitor Adult Children With Cell Phone Tracking Software

You’ve probably heard how parents all over are monitoring their children with cell phone tracking software. Maybe you’ve been doing the same? Or perhaps you’ve been considering it, but haven’t moved forward. Well, know this: mobile surveillance does more good than harm when used responsibly. Depending on the age of your children, you may be […]

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How Cell Phone Spy Helps in Good Parenting

Parents who find gadgets useful in everyday life can install a cell phone spy to serve not just as a device for work and communication but also as an aid in watching your kids at home or at school. There’s this new android and iphone spy application out in the market, and everybody’s talking about […]

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Dad Listens In On Daughter’s Phone Call And Responds Via Text In The Best Way Possible

Like any typical high school teenager, Daleynee, 17, was going through the emotional roller-coster of a break-up. With the oh, so predictable “teen girl” personality, who did she call to vent to… Of course one of her girlfriends. (Duh…)   After a long while of [most likely] reassurance that she’s so much cuter than his new […]

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