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Monitor Every Smartphone With An iPhone Spy App

Bad things happen to good people every day. Sometimes it’s just an unfortunate accident. Someone suffers a heart attack, loses their wallet, falls and breaks a hip, or something similar. Other times it can be due to something more ominous. An individual can be targeted by hackers, bullied by their peers at school, or sexually […]

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January 9: The Day Your Wife Will Cheat!

Are you married? In a relationship? A good one? A rocky one? Are you unsure? Well, no matter what your status is relationship-wise, you may need to worry. Why? Because a dating site called Gleeden reported that the second Monday after Christmas is their most highly trafficked day of the year. And this year, that […]

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Monitor Employees at Work with Spy Apps

Monitor what is happening in your office with spy apps to achieve your company’s goal and serve your objectives. Your employees are important in the company since they make up majority of your workforce to operate your business. Your machineries and other facilities are operated by people. That makes employees’ roles vital in an organization. […]

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How Auto Forward Spy Without Jailbreak Works

While the last 10 years have seen a great upsurge in spy apps, it is the no jailbreak technology that epitomizes the progress. Auto Forward Spy has demonstrated its superiority with spy apps development because of difficulties that come with jailbreaking. Notably, they have indicated that they are not stopping and more is on the […]

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Dad Listens In On Daughter’s Phone Call And Responds Via Text In The Best Way Possible

Like any typical high school teenager, Daleynee, 17, was going through the emotional roller-coster of a break-up. With the oh, so predictable “teen girl” personality, who did she call to vent to… Of course one of her girlfriends. (Duh…)   After a long while of [most likely] reassurance that she’s so much cuter than his new […]

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